about us

Kite Entertainment was set up in 2004 and since then we have grown into one of Ireland’s (if not planet Earth’s) busiest production companies.

Making a broad mix of Entertainment, Factual, Comedy and Kids TV, we’ve produced hundreds of hours of programming for broadcasters in Ireland and overseas. Kite shows have been commissioned by RTÉ, Virgin Media Television, Sky, BBC, ITV, Discovery+ and Amazon Prime Video.

With a reputation for both originating new show (Fittest Family, OAP B&B, StoryBud, Life Actually etc.) and quality execution of International formats (Gogglebox, Love In The Country, Ireland’s Got Talent, Last One Laughing) we enjoy any good telly-shaped challenge that sees us go on the road from notion to transmission to hit.

In our time, we have also gone down some interesting non pure-telly roads that have seen us producing musicals, staging a puppet-based attempt at winning the Eurovision Song Contest and best of all, spearheading Comic Relief’s activities in Ireland.