Mairéad Whelan

Mairéad was first attracted to the showbiz lifestyle with a glitzy job that involved reading the death notices on local radio. Since joining Kite in 2016 as head of development, she has single-handedly turned it into one of the most successful production companies in Irish television history. This isn’t true, but it makes for good reading on LinkedIn.


As Series Producer, Mairéad has been at the helm of popular Entertainment formats like ‘Ireland’s Fittest Family’ and ‘Celebrity Bainisteoir,’ as well as award winning Documentary series such as ‘The New Irish.’ She has also produced lots of things that didn’t win awards, like ‘A Story With Me In It,’ ‘Bad Fellas – The History of Organised Crime in Ireland’ and ‘Power In The Blood,’ but they were critically acclaimed, and that’s good enough for her… honest.